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SLIM Blue Steel Bushings & Screws with Hex Wrench

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Set of 4 SLIM Stainless Steel Bushings and Screws with Hex Wrench by Ed Brown

Low-profile bushings replace your 1911’s factory originals, letting you install slim grips for a minimal grip profile on concealed-carry guns or for shooters with small hands. Screws are beautifully machined with the correctly proportioned head and hole size, contoured to fit flush in any 1911 grip and look great.

** IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are installing Slim Grips on a frame which did not originally come equipped with them, other than the set of SLIM Bushings and Screws, here is what you need:

  • 1911 Slim Bushing Bits (Regular and Slim) or, (a distant second choice) a nice big screwdriver with a wide thick blade
  • A ¼” Socket Driver for the Bushing Bits – unless you are using the distant second choice nice big screwdriver with a wide thick blade
  • #242 Blue LocTite
  • A certain level of technical skill is required to install this hardware, so, as with all firearm modifications, we suggest that you seek the services of a professional gunsmith if you have any doubts or questions.

SPECS: Stainless Steel. Bushings – .157″ long, .270″ O.D., .236″-60 external threads, .150″-50 internal threads. Screws: .150″-50 tpi. Pak of 4 of each with Hex Wrench.

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