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How To Guides

TechWell Installation Video

Learn how to install your TechWell system on your 1911.

TechWell Tuning Video

How to tune your Techwell for a perfect fit if you have an oversize 1911 frame.

Fitting into the Single Stack Box (USPSA or IDPA)

We receive quite a lot of questions inquiring about whether or not our Techwell System “Fits Into The Box”, the fact is that each one of our Techwell Magwells fits into “The Box” quite easily, only the extended base pads need to be ground down a little bit.

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Base Pad Trimming

Occasionally, we run across a 1911 magazine base pad with “Fat Shoulders” as we have come to call them. As is, these base pads will prevent the magazine from properly inserting into a 1911 with any sort of useful (at least for competition) magazine funnel attached, so a certain amount of material must be removed from these “Fat Shoulders” in order to make the magazine useful. This is a relatively simple job since the material is soft.

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