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Greetings PCC Techwell customer

If your lower has a (pretty) coating of any sort which is always OVER the hard coat, it adds typically 3+ thousandths on EVERY SURFACE WITH WHICH IT MAKES CONTACT. For clarification, and as an example, let's think of this modification to a Leadstar PCC Techwell which installed by pushing the Techwell body up and on, then dropping the inserts down into the sides. On that one we would have to file the “Flat Sides” (see the first top left photo), so there would be that 3+ thousandths on EACH SIDE which needs to be filed. The Leadstar was one good example, here is another two examples; our “Slide-On” models ie. Gibbz, or Angstadt, would require the filing as demonstrated in the other three photos - “Upper Inside Edges”, "Lip Upper Angle", and "Lower Flat Inside Edge”.

Now, we know that “a thousandth” doesn’t sound like much, and normal hair on your head is typically 30 thousandths, but our designs are incredibly detailed and it really matters. That having been said, ironically, it doesn’t take much to remove that amount, so here is the super simple process:

- First make sure you have a decent quality file of either the sand paper style (in the photos) or wood file of a similar size.

- Now put the Techwell down on a solid surface, ideally wood or something which won’t damage it’s pretty appearance  ;) and carefully take a few light, flat, and consistent, file strokes on each of the surfaces in question, then try the attachment, if you can get it firmly, but nor forcefully on, you’re good to go, if not, take another filing set of the same.

The photos below show the various sides and/or angles you may need to file depending on the design of your PCC Techwell. 

Finally, please feel free to contact us if you have further questions. We’re here to help!!